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Tournaments by PSN Trophy Leaders is the newest endeavor to bring your trophy pursuit to a higher level. Compete against fellow trophy hunters in all sorts of competitions or control the flow of action and create one of your own. In order to create tournaments, you must be at least a Bronze Member or better. Bronze Members are able to create 1 event, while the Platinum or better can create up to 5 events at a time. Upgrade Now! Discuss ongoing tournaments or your tournament ideas in our Tournament Forum.

Available Tournaments (2)

These are the hottest tournaments available. Do you have what it takes to compete and win? Register today and prove your trophy hunting prowess!
All Trophies 2021 by Shadaquill ARL 2021-01-01 to
International League of Rarity 2021 by ChristSupremacy ARL 2021-01-01 to
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