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Custom Leaderboards by PSN Trophy Leaders adds to our already unmatched leaderboard options. Compete against fellow trophy hunters in all sorts of competitions or control the flow of action and create one of your own. In order to create custom leaderboards, you must be at least a Bronze Member or better. Bronze Members are able to create 4 events, while the other Platinum or better can create up to 10 events at a time. Upgrade Now!

For more information about configuring specific types of leaderboards, leaderboard suggestions, and specific custom leaderboard discussions, please visit our Custom Leaderboard Forum, and happy hunting!

Available Leaderboards (106)

These are the hottest custom leaderboards available. Do you have what it takes to compete and win? Register today and prove your trophy hunting prowess!
-ALL PS PLUS GAMES: 2018- by Sarid_One RLG 17
Air Combat/Flight Sim Games by MarkItZeroSmoky RLG 40
All Platinum PS+ Games Ever (PS3) by Sarid_One RLG 15
All Platinum PS+ Games Ever (PS4) by Sarid_One RLG 19
All Platinum PS+ Games Ever (Vita) by Sarid_One RLG 13
All PSN PS+ Games Ever (PS3) by Sarid_One RLG 12
All PSN PS+ Games Ever (PS4) by Sarid_One RLG 9
All PSN PS+ Games Ever (Vita) by Sarid_One RLG 11
all that is borderlands by XHollowZangetsu RLG 31
Amigos PlayStation by MIndtrash_USA RL 12
Anime Games by itsNexro RL 34
Arcade Archives-series trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 8
Assassin's Creed Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 38
Band of Goodfellas (Rarity) by Arylexz RL 14
Band of Goodfellas (Trophy Points) by Arylexz RL 13
Baseball Video Games by TROPHYDAD RLG 8
Batman Trophies by FeXcEz-_-Sk1lLzz RLG 40
Battlefield by helloImD RLG 48
BioShock-series trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 3
BlazBlue by Villalobos-1988 RLG 6
Brothers by Melston2010 RLI 9
Call of Duty by helloImD RLG 51
Dead Island trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 5
Dead or Alive by Villalobos-1988 RLG 5
Dead Space trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 5
Don't Starve trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 3
DONTNOD/Telltale Collection by PViddy RLG 49
Doodle-series trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 3
Far Cry Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 49
FIFA by Villalobos-1988 RLG 10
Fighting Games AL by pauloredlinex7 RLG 11
Final Fantasy by Villalobos-1988 RLG 13
God of War Games by Zongorillacska RLG 52
Grand Theft Auto Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 48
Hack'n'slash LB by Zongorillacska RLG 23
Hitman Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 22
id Software Games by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 5
inFAMOUS Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 22
jayboo1991 & Friends by jayboo1991 LPI 40
JRPGs by Roughdawg4 RLG 40
KILLZONE by helloImD RLG 33
King of PES by longrangeeffort RLG 2
LEGOmania by MaverickXS RLG 44
Life is strange by Walczak_PL RL 3
LittleBigPlanet by mar-bas-e RLG 30
Lord of the Rings by Villalobos-1988 RLG 6
Mass Effect Games by Aankh RLG 7
Minecraft Trophies by Mr_Moo RLG 40
Motorcycle by helloImD RLG 20
Naruto Games by Jack-Of-Blade_34 RLG 7
Naughty Dog Games by BigBossImBeamer RLG 49
NBA Video Games by TROPHYDAD RLG 10
Need For Speed by helloImD RLG 42
OlliOlli Completist Board by TheYuriG RLG 2
Personal by bwhansen RL 9
Pinball Wizards (Rarity) by ptkush RLG 10
Pinball Wizards (Standard) by ptkush RLG 8
PixelJunk Games by Zongorillacska RLG 15
Play a Game of Pool? by ptkush RLG 7
Prince of Persia Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 12
Pro Wrestling Games by Bombstriker RLG 6
Ps vita standard all games by Walczak_PL RL 2
PS3 PSN Games by helloImD RLT 46
PS3 Standard by helloImD RL 51
PS3, PS4, PS VITA BRAZIL by pauloredlinex7 RLI 22
PS3/PS4/VITA (Legit) by Machinegunk_24 RL 6
PS4 Openbar by Axl-R_ RLI 2
PS4 Standard by helloImD RLI 50
Ps4/ps3/Vita by Machinegunk_24 RLI 8
Quantic Dream Games by blackangel887462 RLG 6
Rally by helloImD RLG 20
Rarity Leaderboard - Excluding Pinballs/DCUO by Zongorillacska RLG 54
Ratchet & Clank by jaaslet RLG 36
Rayman Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 16
Resident Evil by alexun27 RLG 12
Rock Band by ByakuyaEXT RLG 11
Rockstar Games by SuperEuroRiders RLG 46
Saints Row Completion Club by TheYuriG RLG 5
Shmups Leaderboard ~ Rarity Points by Zongorillacska RLG 48
Shmups Leaderboard ~ Trophy Points by Zongorillacska RLG 49
sly cooper games by Froggy348 RLG 24
Sonic the Hedgehog by SilentBun RLG 16
SoulsBorne-series trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 6
Square Enix by Toma_Gabriel RLG 7
Star Wars by MarkItZeroSmoky RLG 21
STEINS;GATE by helloImD RLG 26
Table/Trivia/Game Show Winners by PViddy RLG 15
Talented Singers by PViddy RLG 12
TC's by BurnedChipmunk RLG 5
Techland Games by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 3
TEKKEN games by Aankh RLTG 5
Telltale Games by Desertclow RLG 21
Tom Clancy's by Jack-Of-Blade_34 RLG 5
Tomb Raider/Lara Croft Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 27
Top Skull by ScryzZ RL 7
TROPHY: PS PLUS JULY 2017 by danicontador RLG 4
TROPHY: PS PLUS JUNE 2017 by danicontador RLG 3
TROPHY: PS PLUS MAY 2017 by danicontador RLG 5
TYG by TheYuriG LP 22
Uncharted Trophies by BigBossImBeamer RLG 52
Wolfenstein trophies by Bizzy_Montana_ RLG 9
Wonderbook Trophies by Hirnforscher RLG 5
Worms Trophies by blackangel887462 RLG 3
XBLAZE by PViddy RLG 12

Leaderboards in Progress (8)

Curious to see how others are competing? Need inspiration for a new custom leaderboard of your own?
Co-workers (Ingram Micro) by MaverickXS LP 14
EA Sports FIFA Series by TROPHYDAD LG 25
Fighting Games LB by Zongorillacska LG 53
PS Vita Standard by mar-bas-e L 25
PSNTL Team by MaverickXS LP 7
Team MP by Southtownslayer LP 9
Witnesses by MaverickXS LP 15
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