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Who got the Ps5 what is your feedback :)

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  • Who got the Ps5 what is your feedback :)

    Who got the Ps5 what is your feedback , what's your rating on

    Physicals console


    any game you playing

    and what TV are you playing it on (4k with 60 or 120 Hz)

    looking forward to hear from you, for me need to wait till 19th, so spending tile on the old Demon Souls Plats

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    I was lucky enough to pre-order my PS5 when PSN selected my user ID for pre-ordering directly from Sony. Got my PS5 delivered on launch day in Nov 2020.

    Console is big as expected. I don't mind the size and design but hopefully future hardware iterations will cut down on the size. The UI takes a little getting used to since they moved things around. I prefer the simpler PS4 UI but it wouldn't feel like a 'next gen' experience if they did not overhaul the UI. One of the important things to figure out is how to switch/launch between your PS4/PS5 versions of the same game. There're a couple of ways. Important for trophy hunters to make sure you're earning trophies with the right platform!

    I played PS5 Miles Morales and later Demon's Souls remake. But mostly PS4 games. They all run fine/better on PS5 and trophies unlocked normally. I finished up my RE7 DLCs on PS5 as well as the entire Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS5 without any issues. Just like in the PC world, the PS5 is basically a faster, higher-performance PS4. If they keep to the same x86 architecture and OS, you can bet the same can be said of future PS6, PS7, etc consoles.

    My TVs are the older LG OLED 4K with 3D capabilities (circa 2015/2016 models). So they are limited to 60FPS. No plans to upgrade to latest with HDMI 2.1/120Hz displays. Kinda hassle too since some of my TVs are wall mounted.

    Some additional thoughts:
    • Wish Sony would enabled the internal M.2 slot for SSD expansion ASAP. I know you can have a USB drive to store PS4 games but would rather an internal expansion.
    • There is really no use for my PS4s now since PS5 does everything. But kinda unwilling to sell my PS4s since they are special editions (Death Stranding, GoW and anniversary editions!)
    • No activities update feed on the PS5 UI. Both a pro and a con. While I don't mind seeing some of my friends activities, some games abuse it for publicity I think. I'm so tired of seeing my friends unlock yet another(unnamed) skill modification on The Division 2. What the friggin use is that to me?!
    • Messages are harder to get to with everything tied to the 'party' system.
    • PS store on the PS5 seems unfinished. Prefer the PS Store browsing and selections on the PS4.
    • Don't quite like how the PS5 personal avatars are now circular in shape. All the square avatars I bought on PS4 get cut a little around the corners when used on PS5.
    • You can only back-up your PS5 save files to the cloud (PS+) and NOT to a USB drive. Don't like this at all since sometimes you might want to have multiple different saves in case you mess up certain trophy runs. Sony might enable USB saves in future so fingers-crossed.


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