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  • Prestige trophies award

    I will try to bring back an old topic I started some time ago concerning rare trophy points.
    I think there is a room for exploit that most people take advantage of and that's due to the fact there are a lot of dlcs out there many people don't pay attention to or that bring no value to the game but repetitive grind and/or annoying playthroughs.
    I suggest those dlc trophies get a 50% reduction in rare points and a cap level of 100 000 points per title. That should allow some ballancing I think.

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    This same suggestion has been brought up about 50 other times... There is simply no way to improve this situation. The DLC will get more accurate as time goes on and more people buy it. I know not everyone has money to buy DLC for games and I understand that, but we also can't penalize the people who do have the money to buy it. And there are lots of DLC packs that only have a single trophy so we can't track only people who have earned a trophy in that DLC either. We are consistent with how Sony tracks DLC rarity as well. It's plausible to award less points for DLC rarity but I think that would upset many more people than the people who would be happy about that. I personally think that the DLC rarity encourages more people to get that DLC and that helps balance the rarity over time.


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      It's too unbalanced as of now. There are some pinball games rewarding players with over 2 mil rarity points. There must be some limit to this really.
      That's just my input and I don't want to force it on anyone, but here we are listening to different perspectives as well


      • skippycue
        skippycue commented
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        Everyone has the same opportunities. The reason I started playing the pinball games was due to the difficulty and rarity. Everyone else can do the same. All games aren't created equal. I personally think all these easy platinums aren't right either, hence the rarity leaderboard.

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      There's a good reason why they are so high, maybe just maybe perhaps it is hard to get all the trophies? Perhaps you should give pinball games a try, I don't see any Pinball games on your profile, go grab that easy 2 million rarity, mate!


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        Guys, this site's been using the same principles for years now and I just suggest a revision. If you believe it is all good and fair, go ahead and keep it up


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