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What was your hardest prestige?

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  • What was your hardest prestige?

    May have been posted before, but whatever.

    Post it here!

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    Re: What was your hardest prestige?

    Yeah, there is a VERY similar topic here.


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      Re: What was your hardest prestige?

      Technically you could have gotten one trophy that no one else got even though it was extremely easy.

      Here, I am asking what your hardest was.

      Therefore, using logic, mine is different and can produce different answers.


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        Re: What was your hardest prestige?

        Technically, if a particular prestige trophy is so easy, its not going to stay prestigious at all.

        All trophies for every new game start out as prestige. But as people earn them that changes.

        If very few people have a game, all the trophies will initially say they're prestigious, but as soon as one person gets the game and earns a trophy, it'll have a 1 of 1 (100%) earned rate making it common.

        If a ton of people have played that game and it's an easy trophy, most people will have it, keeping it common.

        A trophy only stays prestigious when a LOT of people have the game but almost nobody has the trophy. Hypothetically speaking, it could be very very easy but most people who have the game don't want to bother, but with all the trophy hunters out there, any easy trophy is fair game and will end up with becoming common quickly.

        Therefore, all trophies that have stayed prestige are hard, and the harder they are, the more prestigious they are. So this topic really is just the same thing as the other one.

        Mind your logic.


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          Re: What was your hardest prestige?

          Nice counter.

          Say it was a Japanese game; only available in Japan.
          Say, about 10k play.
          There happens to be an achievement named "KO'd in one hit" (fighting game - maybe a Japan only version of Mortal Kombat) but only about 20 get it as the others don't bother.
          A 20/10,000 is pretty prestigious even though it is an easy achievement but few bothered to get it.

          Therefore, my theory could remain correct whilst your theory is going to be more commonly used as cases such as this are VERY few.


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            Re: What was your hardest prestige?

            I already accounted for that so I don't see why you're bothering to restate it.

            Like I said, those cases, while possible, would be so rare there's no sense in having a topic for them when the other topic already exists.


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