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What is your most prestigious prestige trophy?

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  • Legendary Ninja in Ninja Gaiden 3 (Clear the story on the Ultimate Ninja play style and Ultimate Ninja Trials 4 & 5 [DLC])

    I remember my Ninja Gaiden experience and months of blood, sweat and tears. The amount of time, dedication and perseverance I put in order to complete every mission on Ultimate Ninja difficulty was unthinkable. That being said, when I finally did it, I felt I could achieve everything. That sole feeling made it all worth it.

    It's not prestige in terms of rarity - it's the hardest trophy I have ever earned.
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    • Is not the trophy by its own, is the feeling that I've completed a dream from when I was a kid and used to play it on arcades with coins.

      To beat Gun Smoke of course, to beat the Wingate Family at the end, the finally boss with the 2 sub partners. Was July of 2014.

      And because I love the game and not playing only one time for the trophy, I beat it 5 times till today and often playing for fun.

      The game is the hardest thing that I ever did and for me is way harder than some other really hard games.

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      • Lightning Dancer, Final Fantasy X. For some reason I just couldn't get the hang of this one one when playing the PlayStation 3 version and it ticked me off so much that I set the game aside for over a year before finally trying again and managing to obtain the trophy.


        • Many of my "rarest" trophies turn out to look much less rare if you define the sample properly. Trophies that are attached to paid DLC, when the base game is free to play [i.e., many different pinball properties]. There's another trophy site I found that adds an addition piece of data, estimates for how many people own the relevant DLC, which is often a much, much smaller population. Instead of "1% of the people that ever played the free base game got this trophy", it might turn into "75% of the people that we know for sure own the DLC got it". Based on them earning other trophies in the same DLC pack? Based on whatever population can be seen playing towards, but not yet earning a specific trophy? I'm not always sure on how they do it. But even after learning of this pattern, those are still the kinds of trophies I gravitate towards: ones that require an additional effort of some sort beyond just downloading the base game, whether or not the base game is free. See also: Rock Band 3 trophies that required a purchase of Pro instruments. So rare! Because I'm uniquely talented? No, maybe just because I'm looking at it like a scavenger hunt: find rare (or "rare") trophies that I'm fully capable of earning, where the hoops that need to be jumped through don't necessarily involve superior reaction times / willingness to grind for dozens of hours.
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