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PSN Trophy Leaders takes your trophy pursuit to another level! We are dedicated to giving a true representation of the leaders in the PSN trophy community. From our humble beginnings as a semi-automated spreadsheet of about 30 users, PSN Trophy Leaders has grown into what it is today.

What makes us unique is that unlike other trophy sites, we track more than just the number of points earned based on trophy counts. Although we do maintain the standard leaderboard everyone is used to, we don't feel that this gives a fully accurate picture of the "Trophy Leaders" in the world. Trophy hunting is about more than just who has the most trophies. To us, all that number correlates to is who has the most time, money, and possibly friends using shared accounts to inflate their numbers. We at PSN Trophy Leaders don't think that's fair... so we did something about it! We added three additional leaderboards that specifically focus on the quality of trophy collections instead of just quantity. Our goal is to separate the people with simply a lot of time from the people with incredible gaming skill.

Also, feel free to add any of us as friends on the PSN.
Patrick Clas (skippycue) | Ronald Troyer (jobe_tr) | Sean McMahan (MaverickXS) | Christine Wilde (WildeThang)

Adding & Updating Users

You can add or update a user from any of the leaderboard pages. You are only allowed to add up to 5 new users a day, but there is no limit on updating existing uers. The first time you add a user, it could take several minutes to process if they have played a lot of games. Subsequent updates are much faster and occur automatically every day! If you don't want to wait for auto-updating you can update a user by submitting their PSN id again, or clicking the "Update Profile" button on their profile page.

Minimum User Add Requirements

Our goal at PSN Trophy Leaders is to track only users that have an interest in trophies. We find that this makes the statistics of difficult vs. easy trophies much more accurate. Many tracked profiles on other sites include boosting (or dummy) accounts. These accounts are fake and end up skewing the trophy statistics, making trophies much more rare than they really should be. In order to achieve this goal, we require accounts to meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be at level 5 or higher.
  • Earned at least 1 platinum trophy.
  • Earned at least 100 trophies.

If a user wants to be on the site and does not meet the above requirements, they are required to register before they are able to add their account.


Flagging is our way of removing a user's trophy data from the statistics on the site. The goal here is not to embarass the user, but merely to try to keep our statistics accurate and fair. We welcome you to report all cheaters so that we can flag them. When you are flagged, your psn id will still be tracked and updated, but you will not have a spot on the leaderboards for fairness. We realize that there are certain situations where cheating was not planned or done out of experimentation. Because of this, we have implemented a policy of forgiveness for 2 old games only! If you have cheated in 3 or more old games, or just 1 recent game, you WILL be flagged. If you feel you've been added to the cheater list in error, please let us know and we will investigate. We also ask that you forgive us as we adjust this process because it's not a simple thing to account for. We're doing our best! :) Click here for more details on our flagging policy.
The Leaderboards

Main Leaderboard

This is the leaderboard everyone is used to. The points are calculated based on the number of trophies earned of each type.

Platinum 300 Points
Gold 90 Points
Silver 30 Points
Bronze 15 Points

Adjusted Leaderboard

This leaderboard takes the total from the Main Leaderboard, and then twists it a little. The points are adjusted based on the percentage of trophy points a user has earned for their games.

For example, if a user earns all the trophies in all their games, then their points will be the same as they are on the main leaderboard. However, if a user earns 50% of the trophy points in all of their games, then their points will be half of what they are on the main leaderboad. This leaderboard gives incentive to get back to those games you left at 0% completion!

Completist Leaderboard

This leaderboard is the one that inspired the site. A user only gets points for games that they have completed. Completed refers to earning 100% of trophies for the game including downloadable content. When new content is released for a game, all users who have previously completed that game will revert to incomplete. The "completist" mentality is simple, 100% is all that matters! Having the platinum trophy for a game may not be good enough for this leaderboard!

Here's how it works... Every game has a base value of 200 points that is awarded for completion. On top of that, up to 6,000 bonus points can be awarded based on the percentage of users that have completed the game out of all the users that own it. If almost every user who plays a game completes it, the total points for the game will be close to 200. However, if almost none of them do, then the total points will be much closer to the 6,200 maximum. Completing difficult games are very beneficial for this leaderboard! Games like Hannah Montana won't be contributing a lot of points here!

Additionally, a user's total points are adjusted based on the number of games they have complete out of all the games they have played. Once again, this is the "completist" mentality. For example, if a user has completed half of their games, then their total points will be reduced by 50%. However, if a user has completed ALL of their games, their total points will not be reduced at all. It's very beneficial not to leave any games incomplete for this leaderboard.

Rare Trophy Leaderboard

This leaderboard rewards players for getting difficult trophies. The normal value of the trophies doesn't matter here, because each trophy's value is based on what percent of a game's users have earned that trophy!


Common Trophies (0 points) - These are trophies that nearly everyone has and there are no points awarded for these.

Slightly Uncommon

Slightly Uncommon Trophies (10 points) - These are trophies that most people have, but there are some who don't.


Uncommon Trophies (25 points) - These trophies might take a little practice, but won't pose a problem for most people.


Rare Trophies (50 points) - These trophies take more than practice, they take skill... and the points reflect that.

Very Rare

Very Rare Trophies (250 points) - These trophies will lead to multiple headaches and you still might come out empty handed. Not for the weak of heart or mind. Most people will not have earned these trophies.

Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare Trophies (1000 points) - These trophies are reserved for the elite collector excusively! These are the trophies that more often than not result in at least one broken controller! You've been warned, but the points will reward the persitent!


Prestige Trophies (10000 points) - These trophies are reserved for those who took the time and dedication to get a trophy that is damn near impossible. Less than 1% of players will have earned this trophy!

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